Canadian Real Estate Investors


Canadian Real Estate Investors

The Unfair Advantage

The Unfair Advantage – Buy Low and Sell High is just what the most successful Calgary Real Estate Investors do.

The overall housing market could be going up, down, or sideways. The best investors know the top, bottom, and average prices for the market they are interested in. The overall Calgary Market includes thousands of mini-markets. Each mini-market has a unique profile that may or may not resemble the big-picture view.

Successful Investors make money by knowing how much to pay first. Knowing what to pay does two things right away. First, it provides a profit on purchase by buying under market value. Second, it provides a margin of safety for unforeseen problems that could come up. You can control what you pay, and knowing your housing market’s high, low, and average gives you a big advantage. Make money when you buy. Buy with a cushion for things that could go wrong. Selling for a profit is partly in your control. If you over-renovate for your market, you will lose money, which is 100% your fault. 

Don’t Overpay. Don’t Over-Renovate. Two simple rules to start with are all you need to become a Successful Calgary Real Estate Investor. The tool below I built for my own use as I help my clients with rule #1. Pick a community, pick a home style, and then see the areas of opportunity waiting for you. Look for communities with a nice spread between the highs and lows, along with some volume. Those are areas of opportunity!

To get the best use of this interactive Home Sales Chart – view on a big screen.