Canadian Real Estate Investors


Canadian Real Estate Investors

Canadian Real Estate Investment Calculator

Are you a Canadian real estate investor looking to make informed decisions on property investments? Our Canadian Real Estate Investment Calculator is here to assist you in confidently determining your break-even point.

Canadian Real Estate Investment Calculator

Maximize Your Investments:

Our calculator is designed to help you assess the financial viability of potential real estate acquisitions. By considering your anticipated net rental income, current interest rates, and the industry-standard 20% down payment, you can quickly gauge how much you can comfortably invest without compromising your financial stability.

Strategic Decision-Making:

Investing in real estate requires careful financial planning. Our calculator empowers you to make strategic choices by providing you with valuable insights. It allows you to set realistic investment boundaries while ensuring your monthly rental income covers your expenses, including mortgage payments and interest rates.

Easy-to-Use Interface:

Our user-friendly interface simplifies the complex calculations involved in property investment. With just a few inputs, you’ll receive precise information on the maximum property price you can consider while maintaining a break-even point on your net rental income.

Canadian Investment Property Calculator

More Rent + Lower Price =’s Positive Cash Flow

Stay Informed, Stay Profitable:

Real estate investments should always align with your financial goals. Our calculator helps you stay informed about your investment potential, ensuring your property portfolio remains profitable and resilient in the ever-changing Canadian real estate market.

Don’t leave your real estate investments to chance. Trust our Canadian Real Estate Investment Calculator to guide you toward financially sound decisions. Try it now to unlock the full potential of your real estate investments.

Investing in Real Estate is a numbers game. The numbers need to make sense before you start looking at properties to invest in.

Break Even Cheat Sheet

We can help you create your own personalized Break-Even Cheat Sheet so you don’t waste time considering rental property investments that don’t add up. The break-even cheat sheet guides you to making quicker, less stressful offers to purchase. Buy below the B/E price with the potential to raise rents in strong communities, which adds a safety cushion to your investments.

To calculate How Much Mortgage will Net Rent Carry in an Excel Spreadsheet – Here is the formula to use.
=PV((1+Interest Rate/2)^(1/6)-1,Amortization Yrs*12,Net Rent). Divide the result by 80% for the Purchase Price.
Subtract the result from the Purchase Price to get the 20% Down Payment Needed for conventional bank financing of rental properties.

Break Even
Cheat Sheet